Making a positive impact

Our sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives are focused on the following key areas:

  • community engagement
  • environment & biodiversity
  • health & safety

All three outlined pillars have a strong link between them and we therefore think of them as a Venn diagram when planning our initiatives.

Providing a holiday destination of the highest health and safety standards is a crucial starting point and a leeway to making our team members, guests and the locals feel part of the Malama family. This sense of trust, friendliness and togetherness is key for all stakeholders to develop a sense of community, grow fond of the local environment and wildlife, and thus preserve it as if it is their second home.

community engagement

Charity event in collaboration with Alkinoos Artemiou Foundation: fund raising for a local child suffering from cancer in early September 2022.

Donations to ΚΕΠΑ charity institution: food supplies at end of last season and towel/linen supplies throughout 2022.

environment & biodiversity

‘Keep Our Sand and Sea Plastic Free’ initiative has officially introduced malama bay in their scheme to push all stakeholders towards more eco-friendly practices.

Plastic Free Event was hosted at our hotel in early June 2022 and was attended by local municipalities, hoteliers and ministry of Tourism, TUI foundation, Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative, Travel Foundation.

health & safety

ISO22000 (2018) by TUV Cyprus (TUV Nord) LTD applies a management system in food & beverage, processing and serving.

Maintaining high health & safety workplace standards for our team through yearly training sessions and seminars.

plastic-free approach

Since 2021 the following single-use plastic items have been removed and replaced by eco-friendly alternatives:

paper cups & reusable acrylic glasses

bamboo & paper straws

paper take-away boxes/bags  for snacks

wooden take-away cutlery

refillable bathroom toiletries

fresh ingredients for cocktail garnishes

Promotion of Circular Economy in Hotels and Tourist Accommodations

The resort participates in the Measure Promotion of Circular Economy in Hotels and Tourist Accommodations, which aims to guide and facilitate the transition of the Cypriot hotels and tourist accommodations to a green and circular economy.

The measure is funded by the EU’s Recovery and Resilience Facility, within the framework of Cyprus Recovery and Resilience Plan for the period 2021-2026.